4 Valuable Tips for Ukulele Beginners

The ukulele is a fascinating string instrument whose origins can be found from Hawaii. It is typically known for the sprightly, jaunty and jovial sound it produces. Looks-wise, it pretty much resembles a guitar and it typically has four strings. If you got fascinated by this instrument and want to learn how to play it, here are some quick tips for you to keep in mind http://www.ukulelemate.com.au

hawaiian girl ukulele

1. Make sure to choose the right ukulele. Typically, ukuleles come in 4 different sizes – the soprano ukulele, the concert ukulele, the tenor ukulele and the baritone ukulele. The soprano ukulele is roughly about 21 inches long and is considered as the most well-known and smallest ukulele. Additionally, it only has about 12 to 15 frets. The concert ukulele, which is also called as the alto ukulele is roughly about 23 inches long. It is slightly larger than the soprano and has more frets – it has about 15 to 20 frets. Next, the tenor ukulele is even bigger – it is roughly about 26 inches long. It also produces richer and fuller sounds compared to the soprano and the concert ukuleles. Lastly, the baritone ukulele is the biggest of all the ukuleles at 30 inches long. It also produces the deepest and fullest sounds and it has well-over 19 frets. When choosing a ukulele, make sure to remember these sizes and ask yourself which size you are truly capable of handling.

2. Learn the different parts. Knowing the size and familiarizing the look and shape of your ukulele is not enough – you also have to learn its different parts. It has 6 main parts: the head, where the four adjusters for tuning can be found. Next, the tuning adjusters – these are the four pegs which can be turned clock- or counterclockwise in order to tune the ukulele. Then there is the neck or the fret board –this is where the frets can be found and it is where you have to press the strings in order to make the different chords and play a tune. Next are the frets, which are divided by thin, metal or wooden sticks that are located at the neck. Next is the body – this is where the sound reverberates. It typically has a hole in the center. And lastly, the bridge and saddle – these are the supports of the strings. Learning the different parts will make it easier for you to figure out how to play it effectively.

3. Learn how to hold and handle it properly. If you are sitting down, do not squeeze the ukulele with your upper thigh and stomach. Keep it stabilized without pressing too much pressure on its body. Use your right hand when strumming and make sure to press the strings using the palms of your fingers and not your fingertips. Additionally, make sure to cut your nails in order to avoid plucking other strings accidentally or scratching the neck of your ukulele.

4. Clean it regularly. Make sure to take proper care of your ukulele and keep it clean. Maintain it regularly. You can purchase and use the different instrument-cleaning products available in the market, but simply wiping down your ukulele with a soft cloth is enough. Additionally, a well-maintained ukulele does not just last longer, but it eventually ends up sounding better too!

These are just some tips to keep in mind once you start playing the ukulele. Make sure to make it worth what you spent on it and use it efficiently. After all, it is a very fascinating instrument, which can bring joy both to the player and the people listening to its jovial sounds.

Give Your Wedding Day That Something Extra Special

Every wedding day should be wonderful, but they don’t all turn out that way. Many times there is that one thing that is forgotten or that just doesn’t go like it should. If you want at least one part of your wedding day to be a sure thing, then you should employ photo booth hire from us.

What Our Photo Booths Can Do for Your Wedding

TM_1649138607_nYou might be wondering how a photo booth can really make such a difference on your wedding, but other means of taking pictures can tend to fall flat or be troublesome.

If you just let everyone take their own photos, it is possible that many will forget to bring a camera or just won’t have any way to take pictures. Then they will feel left out after the wedding is over and everyone is looking at pictures. And if they do take photos, the photos could be out of focus or framed poorly.

Of course, you could also hire a wedding photographer. But that can make many of your guests uncomfortable or dissatisfied. The photographer tends to walk through the crowd of guests, having people stop and pose every so often. Not everyone is going to get the photos they want this way, nor are they always going to be happy with the photos that are taken.

Instead, you may want to opt for a photo booth. The booth allows people to come and take the photos the want whenever they feel like it. They don’t have to wait on the wedding photographer to come around, and they can corral any of their friends they like to inside the booth with them for group shots. And if they aren’t happy with their photos they will know right away, and they can just take another one.

Hiring a photo booth or two can solve a lot of your wedding day troubles, and it can make the event far more enjoyable for your guests.

Our Wedding Day Services

We can make your wedding day extra special. Just let us know what colours and themes your wedding has, and we can decorate the booths appropriately. You can personally approve the decorations, and you get to choose where you want the booths to be placed and at what time they should arrive. We do all we can to make sure that your big day goes off without any problems.

And we offer professional-grade photos on every shot. Each photo prints out immediately, but we also save them digitally for you. You can enjoy each of the photos your guests take during the event and add them to your personal collection. And we can even add personal messages or branding to each of the photos if you would like to make them personalized.

Are you ready to make the wedding a memorable one? Then let us help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you here http://treasuredmems.com.au.

Become Accredited with Geelong First Aid

Your qualifications are what make your resume stand out and make you a more appealing employee for companies. One of the most essential accomplishments you can have under your belt is first aid training. An Apply First Aid course from Geelong First Aid will make your resume look better and make you a more attractive hire for future employers.

About Geelong First Aid

We offer fully accredited first aid training courses. These are recognized all over the world, and in many cases are required for a number of employment positions. Your first aid training may need to be updated from time to time, and we can provide that training when you need it.

The training is done partly online here: www.geelongfirstaidtraining.com.au and partly in our classroom. You just sign up for the course, log in and take your training course. It could not be simpler, and the rewards you will reap will be tremendous. We make the training process as simple and as convenient as possible. You can do your training whenever it is convenient for you and just take the course at your own pace. Once you are finished, we will send you a certificate of completion and you will be fully accredited.

Benefits of First Aid Training

ipadThe most immediate benefits to you are likely to be the positive effects that you see on your career. Employers will show you more preference and respect if they see that you can accomplish such training. Many employers are looking for people who have a desire to learn and to improve themselves. And since first aid training is mostly about helping others, your employer or potential employers will see your desire to put the needs of others above your own.

But first aid training does more than just make for a nice addition to your resume. It also gives you the ability to make life-saving decisions and to take action when someone is injured. Emergency workers can take some time to arrive at the scene of an emergency. In that time, life-threatening changes can occur within the injured person’s body. They may bleed out or suffocate. But if you know how to treat their injuries, then you could save their life.

That’s the power that Geelong First Aid training gives you. You can make a real difference in someone’s life and become the hero. First aid is some of the most essential care a person can receive, and your action can greatly decrease their hospital stay, reduce their medical expenses, ensure that they fully recover and even save their life.

Geelong First Aid training is available right now and whenever you need it. Instead of waiting for your employer to require of you or for your next job to ask that you become accredited before you apply, you can take the initiative and do it yourself. You will be making a major difference, not only in your own life, but also in the lives of those who work around you.